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Fresh Drinking Water
for Pet Health Benefits

Pure drinking water from a quality purifier or filter system benefits all animals and birds. Nothing is more refreshing or more beneficial to family pets.

Dalmation Puppy Dog Drinking Water Unfiltered
Only a few lucky dogs and cats, like this thirsty dalmatian puppy, can drink water from a pure mountain stream today.

Most puppies and kittens are completely dependent on their owners to provide safe, fresh H2O in their drinking fountains or watering bowls each day.

Benefits of Pure Water to Drink

When a horse or other animal drinks plenty of clean water, he makes it possible for his body to:

Stay Energized and Alert!
Dehydration can quickly lead to lethargy, confusion, and depression
in all species.
Brain tissue averages about 85% water.

Avoid Respiratory Distress
Histamine plays a major role in the distribution of water to cells.
Dehydration significantly increases histamine levels, contributing to closing down airways.

Digest food
Tremendous amounts of water are needed for digestion of solid foods.

Avoid Constipation
Dehydration is number one cause of constipation in almost all species.

Protect Kidney Function
Body wastes and toxins must be diluted with lots of water
for safe elimination.

Maintain Joint Mobility
Cartilage must be well hydrated
to avoid damage to the spine and joints caused by friction.

Enjoy Quality Muscle Tone and Best Muscle Function
Recovery time is shortened by plenty of fluids to wash away
lactic acid and other cell wastes.
Muscle contraction only takes place in the presence of water.

Grow Healthy Skin and Coat
Skin tissue performs best when moisture is abundant.

We all depend on staying well hydrated for delivery of oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, and hormones to our cells by our bloodstream and toxic waste removal by our lymph systems.

Successful veterinarians agree,
for indoor and outdoor companion critters.
Clean water regulates ALL body functions at ALL ages for ALL creatures on Earth.

Every chemical and enzymatic reaction in our bodies operates more efficiently with adequate water.

Avoiding pollutants and dangerous chemicals in our pets' watering dishes (and our own drinking glasses) is becoming more and more difficult. But it's probably the most important thing we can do to provide a long and comfortable life for ourselves and our companions.

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