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People and Pet Health Care Guides

Used books we most often recommend give practical advice and reliable health information on keeping birds, cats, dogs, horses or people healthy.

We get requests every week for our trusted references, especially for dealing with puppies, kittens, foals and baby birds. So we've put together a list of some of our favorite how-to books on people AND pet health problems.

You'll find our Top 30 How-To Books at our favorite New and Used Bookstore.

We enjoy shopping at Powell's Books ourselves because they:

Have a tremendous and varied inventory
Make both new and used copies easily available
Ship quickly
Always pack your books to arrive in good condition.

We make a small commission on any books purchased when you use our link to reach our most trusted booksellers.

This helps offset the expenses of maintaining and expanding the FREE pet health information on our website.

Even when you purchase your favorite mystery novel or inspirational gift book or financial guide, please use our links from this page. Once you arrive at our health book shelf, you can access all book categories through their menu bar or search box.

Special Note:
Many of the books they carry are out of print and getting harder and harder to find. So, if you see one you want (especially if there is no picture available), don't wait! Buy it quickly before someone else does. All of the used books we have personally purchased from Powell's have been in unbelievably good shape.

So please, come back here to use our link to Powell's each time you shop.

Thanks for supporting our work while you save money on new and used canine, feline, and equine health books.

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