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OTC Drugs
for Pet Med Use

Safe pet med guides include some human drugs. Dogs can often benefit from simple OTC medicines you may already have on hand. Cats are more prone to adverse reactions.

Veterinarians routinely prescribe "off-label" or "extra-label" use of drugs on animals.

The FDA approves the use of many human drugs for animals. (Just close window to return here from the FDA's site.)

Safe Pet Med Guidelines

* * * * * * * * * * *
1. All medical conditions are not equally serious. Use good judgement
and common sense. If you would go to the doctor or take your child
to the doctor for a similar condition = you should
take your pet to the vet.


Click Here for signs you need immediate help.

2. Learn what drugs are appropriate for your pet.
DON'T just experiment.
Some human drugs are dangerous, even fatal to animals. Some drugs
that work well for dogs will kill cats. Use caution with any medication.
Click Here for an excellent guide to OTC drugs for DOGS.

3. Be extremely careful when you calculate the proper drug dose.
An appropriate dose for a human adult, or even a child, may be
dangerous or totally ineffective for a dog or cat.
Click Here for how to calculate pet med dosage.
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ask your vet if an OTC drug will work for your pet's condition instead of a more expensive veterinary prescription. Generic drugs may be available as well.

Pain Killers are the most popular "off-label" pet meds.
Pain Killers require extreme caution!
Follow directions exactly.

Remember whenever you choose to use a human drug (either prescription or Over The Counter) for your pet, you are solely responsible for the results.

All uses of any drug in a different species, or for a different condition, or in a different dose than what is written on the drug's packaging is considered "off-label" and you use it as a pet medication at your own risk.


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