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Pet Homeopathy Works

After herbs, pet homeopathy is the second most widely used animal health care system in the World because it works so well, has no side-effects, and is relatively inexpensive.

Three Keys to Understanding
Pet Homeopathy

1) Like Cures Like

Pet Cats and Dogs seem to intuitively know their symptoms are really attempts to rid themselves of disease.

Homeopathic medicines support them in their efforts.

Rather than counter or suppress symptoms, the remedies are tiny doses of material that in larger amounts would cause those very symptoms to occur in a healthy individual.

For example, an animal with irritated itchy skin might be given a remedy based on poison ivy.

By boosting the body's reaction, pet homoeopathy helps set up energy patterns very similar to the disease, but in a focused way. This helps the body "push out" or neutralize the problem and return to equilibrium.

You might visualize this process like ripples on a pond:

Even a tiny pebble landing in a pond, creates a series of waves radiating outwards. Eventually all the energy from the pebble hitting the surface breaks out and dissipates along the shoreline.

Then the waves cease and the surface of the pond becomes calm again.

Your pet experiences this return to calm as a return to genuine health. Whatever was causing the itchiness has been neutralized or brought into balance by the strengthened energy patterns of his own healing forces working from the center outward.

So there are no recurring symptoms.

2) Extreme Dilution

Pet Homeopathy is safe, even for newborn puppies and delicate birds and reptiles.

Homeopathic remedies are created by a series of dilutions until only the energy pattern remains of the original active ingredient.

The higher the potency of the remedy, the more times it has been diluted.

This is difficult for people to understand or put faith in, but pets don't try to figure it out.

Most animals and birds respond extremely well, including livestock and wildlife of all kinds.

3) Holistic Approach to Each Individual

Pet Homeopathy focuses on the patient, not the disease. Medicines are chosen based on how well they match all of the patient's symptoms or signs.

For example, two kitty cats diagnosed with the same disease might not be given the same remedy.

A different remedy would be chosen for the kitty who is restless and vocal and very thirsty than the cat who refuses to eat or drink and wants to curl up in a corner and be left alone.

Remember the aim is to support each animal's individual response to their ailment. Look for the remedy that most closely matches the whole range of symptoms, both physical and emotional.

The more details you notice, the better you will be able to choose the natural homeopathic medicine that will best stimulate your individual pet's own healing system.

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