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Pet Health and Healing

Pet health care is easier once you understand how pets heal. Choose treatments to restore your animal or bird to true vitality instead of temporarily suppressing symptoms.

All healing depends on a strong immune system ; pet health can be quickly destroyed by drugs that block the natural immune response.

"The best treatment is the least -
the least invasive, least drastic, least expensive -
that activates spontaneous healing."

Andrew Weil, MD

The Key
to True Pet Health

Remember: TREATMENTS DO NOT HEAL. People and pets MUST do the healing themselves. Understanding the nature of animal healing makes this easier.

Choose treatments to support your pet cats at the deepest cellular level. The best treatments are focused on returning your dog or bird to a state of balanced equilibrium.

Drug based treatments can throw the body further out of balance.

Many pharmaceuticals contain toxins which can cause side effects that are sometimes worse than the original problem.

"Generally, it is not what you put into the body
that restores health,
it's what you let the body eliminate."

Martin Goldstein, DVM

Avoiding drugs for minor ailments is almost always the best choice.

Drug treatments should be relied on only as a last resort and ALWAYS accompanied by other supportive measures.

The more you learn about natural healing, the better you can help your vet keep your pets feeling great without drugs.

A very simple remedy brings positive results for our animals and birds. We discovered its benefits in a series of major emergencies when veterinary help was not available.

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