Best Pet Health Tips

The best pet health ideas are easy to use. Basic keys to healthy long life are the same for Cats, Dogs, Birds, Horses, People and ALL creatures. Simple steps using simple supplies can save money and eliminate the stress of frequent vet visits.

Keeping yourself and your pets feeling great is
a lot easier than most people think.

We maintain this website to accomplish 3 GOALS:

* Share what we've learned about staying well and nurturing all kinds of creatures at home.

* Encourage folks to do their own personal research to find what works best for them. The more we learn about maintaining health, the more we can help our pets heal themselves.

* Support animal and bird rescues.

"Do the best you can" is definitely our motto.

If you can afford cutting edge products for yourself and your companions, by all means use them. Healthful foods and quality supplements are the best investment you can make.

If you are on a tight budget, do the best you can to cover the basics, don't worry about the rest. Vitamin "L" for LOVE is the secret ingredient that accomplishes healing miracles every day.

The amazing benefits of the unconditional love in the human /animal bond are well documented.

You and your pets can help each other slow the aging process and eliminate many aches and pains. You can survive any emergency better, with minimal stress, when you pull together.

The #1 Key to Pet Health

The basics of wellness really are the same for all living things. It's truly amazing how many times we've seen animals or birds mirror the health AND illness of their owners.

is the most important thing you can do FOR YOUR PETS!
No one else knows them like you do. No one else loves them like you do.
They depend on you completely.

We add to this site frequently with new pet health tips that work for people, too.

So come back often and grow with us. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thanks for visiting!

We hope you enjoy all the PET HEALTH ARTICLES LISTED BELOW:

Natural Health Blog for Pets and Their People
Natural pet health guide to easy fitness, natural beauty and healthy eating for dog owners, cat lovers, bird fanciers, equestrians AND their companion animals. Blog of News and Care Tips.

Basic Pet Health. Dog health. Healing pet cats, birds and horses.
Pet Health and Healing: Pet health care is easier once you understand how pets heal. Choose treatments to restore your animal or bird to true vitality instead of temporarily suppressing symptoms.

Practical Pet Care Products and Pet Health Supply Store Online.
Holistic Pet Care Products: We research natural pet care product suppliers to help you find dog and cat supplies gentle enough for pet birds yet strong enough for working horses.

Learn about pet health and find pet health care supplies.
About Us and Pet Health: Thanks for your interest in our pet health care information website. Our online people AND pet health product supply shop is rapidly expanding to meet our visitors' needs.

Animal News Articles: Latest cat and dog news in Pet Health Newsletters
Recent Animal News Articles: Pet Health News Alerts focus on current veterinary news you may have missed. We feature 2 animal news articles each month.

Best Drinking Water Filter for Family and Pets at Home AND Camping
Drinking Water Filter Home and Portable System: Big Berkey drinking water filter is the best purifier for children and pet health needs. On home or RV counter top, it's ready for any water emergency.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits All Living Tissues Needing Moisture and Lubrication
Hyaluronic Acid Benefits without side effects of viscosupplementation! Synthovial 7 provides hyaluronic acid benefits in a safe, convenient once-a-day oral dose of pure medical grade HA.

Nutritional Supplements for Pets: More Than Just Pet Vitamins
Looking For The Best Nutritional Supplements for Pets and Family? Our research into nutritional supplements for pets has taught us 3 important points to keep in mind.

Dog First Aid Kit of Best Homeopathy Remedies for Pets and Horses
Homeopathic Remedy Dog First Aid Kit Safe for Use with all Animals, Birds and Reptiles. Our dog first aid kit provides a basic homeopathy medicine cabinet in your hand bag or backpack when you need it

NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract Concentrate Helps Keep Pets and Kids Safe
Grapefruit Seed Extract with Citricidal: Grapefruit Seed Extract, a safe disinfectant, offers proven broad-spectrum antibiotic benefits in household use without risk of side effects.

Asian Bird Flu Virus can spread from cat to cat.
Bird Flu Virus and Domestic Cats: Bird Flu Virus, Avian Influenza, can sicken cats who eat infected poultry. Cats also develop symptoms when housed with already infected cats.

Safe pet med use of human drugs: OTC dog drugs, cat medicines, pet medications.
Pet Med Use of OTC Drugs: Safe pet med guides include some human drugs. Dogs can often benefit from simple OTC medicines you may already have on hand. Cats are more prone to adverse reactions.

Used Books for Pet Lovers on Cat Health, Dog Care, Pet Bird and Horse Training
Online Used Bookshop: People and Pet Health Care Guides. Used books we most often recommend give practical advice and reliable health information on keeping birds, cats, dogs, horses or people healthy

Petmed Pain Killers must be used with caution. Dog Pet Meds for pain.
Petmed Pain-Killer Use: Some over the counter (OTC) human drugs offer petmed pain relief for dogs and horses. Size and frequency of dose are CRITICAL.

Aromatherapy must be used with caution around most pets.
Aromatherapy Oils: Only use pure aromatherapy oils of the highest quality. Fragrance oils often contain toxins that can kill pet birds and harm pet cats. Always know exactly what you are buying.

Pet Homeopathy: Natural Bird, Dog and Cat Homoeopathic Medicines
Pet Homeopathy Works. After herbs, pet homeopathy is the second most widely used animal health care system in the World because it works so well, has no side-effects, and is relatively inexpensive.

Salmonella Bacteria Disease Can Spread from Pets to Infants, Children and Adults
Salmonella Bacteria Common in Reptiles, Rodents, and Other Pets: Naturally occurring intestinal bacteria in iguanas, turtles, snakes, hamsters, mice, rats, dogs and cats put young children at risk.

Teflon Coating on Cookware and Heat Lamps Can Be Dangerous for Birds
TEFLON'S DANGER Beyond Just Non-Stick Cookware: Teflon Toxicosis (Polymer Fume Fever) to be studied by EPA. Thousands of pet bird deaths may be linked to toxic fumes from common products.

Safe, Clean Water Benefits Companion Animals and Birds in Amazing Ways
Drinking Water for Pet Health Benefits: Pure drinking water from a quality purifier or filter system benefits all animals and birds. Nothing is more refreshing or more beneficial to family pets.

Cat Medicines: PLUS Herbal Medicines for Pet Bird and Dog Health
Herbal Cat Medicines Help Dogs and Birds, Too. Cat medicines using herbs are gentle yet effective. Pet birds, dogs, and all animals can use herbs as food and medication. Follow these guidelines:

Dog Pet Health Starts with a Healthy Gut. Healthy pet cats and birds.
Dog Pet Health Secret: Most dog pet health problems start with faulty digestion. Cats, birds, and reptiles need beneficial bacteria to stay well.

Your Best Source For Pet Care Information and Pet Health Tips
We have lots of pet care information to share. Reliable pet care information is essential to keeping companion animals well and happy.

Pet Supply Catalog Online Resources with Pet Health Information
Pet Supply Catalog and Pet Health Information Favorites. The best pet supply catalog sites offer information, not just products. Look for ideas and supplies for your pet cats, dogs, and horses here.

Privacy Policy for Always-Healthy-People-AND-Pets
Your Privacy is Assured at Always-Healthy-People-and-Pets. We respect the privacy of all of our visitors.

Always-Healthy-People-and-Pets .com's Legal Disclaimer
Legal Disclaimer: The statements made on have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is H5N1 Virus a Superflu? How is H5N1 Different from Seasonal Flu?
H5N1 News Bird Flu Symptoms: H5N1 infected backyard chickens and ducks spreading birdflu outbreaks to humans in Asia makes information on how to recognize this killer flu extremely important.

Is Dog Flu or Canine Influenza the Same as Horse Flu or Equine Influenza?
What is Dog Flu? Dog Flu, or canine influenza, is a newly emerging pathogen in the pet dog population. This virus can cause a respiratory disease that MIMICS a syndrome known as kennel cough. Look online or at your local pet store and ask for a 4 pound high density memory foam dog bed.

Aflatoxins More Common in Dog and Cat Pet Foods Than Pet Owners Realize
Aflatoxins testing guidelines not followed. Aflatoxins are naturally occurring waste products of certain molds that commonly occur in food crops. Diamond Pet Foods is NOT the only manufacturer to ever

Be Ready for Poisoning Emergencies of Animals and Kids
Acute Poisoning and Daily Toxic Exposure: Chronic Poisoning by low-dose environmental toxins can be just as deadly as the recent pet food contamination tragedies.

Best Candida Cleanse Includes Effective Anti-Candida Diet
Enzyme-based Candida Cleanse: Yeast Away Candida Cleanse gets rid of yeast infections without die-off symptoms. Yeast Control maintenance treatment keeps chronic fungal overgrowth eliminated.

Essential Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Digestion System Health
Natural Digestive Enzymes: The best digestive enzymes aid the stomach and intestines to digest protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and keep the digestive system free from disease.

Acidophilus Is Just The Beginning of a Good Probiotic Supplement
Lactobacilus Acidophilus and Much More: L. Acidophilus is the helpful intestinal bacteria everybody knows about. But the best benefits come from taking a culture of resident AND transient probiotics.

Cats and Flu Fears Spreading with News of German Feline Influenza Victim
Cats and Flu Warnings: Pet cat owners warned by Germany's health authorities to keep their feline companions indoors. Dog owners there will ONLY be allowed to walk dogs or puppies outdoors.

Bird Flu Dog Victim Raises Concerns of Avian Influenza Spread
First Bird Flu Dog Fatality:

OTC Homeopathic Pain Remedy Safer Than Ibuprofin, Aspirin and Other Pain Killers
Most Popular Pain Remedy: Best selling pain remedy for adults, children, and pets. Used worldwide for pet dogs, cats, birds, horses, ferrets, reptiles hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats and more.

Starting a natural detox program for you or your pet? Always detoxify gently.
Natural Detox Success: Any natural detox program depends on cleansing the colon, kidneys, bladder, and liver first. Support these organs so they can cleanse the full body quickly and naturally.

Liver Cleanse and Support Liver, Pancreas and Spleen Function
Dr. Burgstiner's Liver Cleanse Support Plus delivers unparalleled support for the liver, spleen, pancreas and other digestive organs. Synergistic herbs AND nutrients to detox the liver tissue.

Best Probiotics Provide Best Health Benefits
Best Probiotics Formula: The best probiotics available deliver BILLIONS of beneficial bacteria. Healthy probiotic colonies in the digestive tract crowd out bad bacteria and support immune function.

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